Solar Water Pumps with 120cm Maximum Water Lift

Solar Water Pumps with 120cm Maximum Water Lift

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Product Details

Solar Water Pumps with 120cm Maximum Water Lift

Special Features:
Solar water pump is also called photovoltaic water pump. It is the most attractive water supply method in the sun-rich regions of the world, especially in remote areas short of electricity or without electricity. It utilizes the indispensable and inexhaustible solar energy. The system automatically starts working at sunrise and stops working at sunset. It requires no personnel supervision and the maintenance workload can be reduced to a minimum. It is an ideal green energy system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.

1.Long life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, stable operation

2.The system does not require battery storage to store water instead of storing electricity, directly driving the pump to lift water, and has high reliability. At the same time, it greatly reduces the cost of system construction and maintenance.

3.The stator and circuit board part of the motor are encapsulated with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the leakage problem caused by long-term diving of the motor-type DC water pump, and can be completely installed underwater.

4.The pump parameters can be modulated according to the customer's requirements. The 24V pump can modulate 2 meters of head, or 7 meters of head, the volume can be unchanged, and it can operate with wide voltage.

5.High-performance ceramic shaft for the shaft of the pump. High precision and good wear resistance. Because the pump uses high-precision shaft sleeves and ceramic shafts, the noise can be precisely matched. Low, low power noise can even reach 30 decibels or less. High-efficiency stainless steel shaft can be used for lowering the cost.

6. The three-phase DC water pump without the Hall program driving can realize PWM speed control, analog signal (0~5V) speed regulation and potentiometer VR manual speed regulation. In this way, the flow and head can be adjusted, and the music fountain can be customized.

7.The three-phase DC water pump has soft start, no impact and low starting power consumption. Circuit board and pump body are completely separated. There is no electronic components inside the pump body. The pump body adopts high temperature resistant material, and the water pump can be used in 100 degree water temperature for a long time. It has  impeller rotor stuck protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection and over current protection.

8.Using independent research and development patented technology control method, it can fully automatic operation, good stability, high reliability and inverter conversion efficiency of up to 98%.

9. If you need to increase the pump head can also be connected in series, the head can be doubled. 10.Both land and water use, external installation position is lower than the liquid level.


High-power solar water pump intelligent control system features:

■ Built-in adaptive high-precision photovoltaic array maximum power point tracking MPPT algorithm with an accuracy of 99%

■ Maximum water flow output in the same environment

■ High reliability design derived from 10 years of successful motor and pump control experience

■ Optional intelligent multi-pump control card to improve solar energy utilization efficiency

■ Built-in smart IGBT module with built-in overvoltage, overload, overheating and dry running protection

■ Compatible DC/AC Two Inputs

■ LED display real-time system status and parameters

■ Real-time remote monitoring system based on RS485

■ Motor soft start avoids water hammer effect and improves system life

■ Fast installation design without additional maintenance

■ Built-in comprehensive protection and diagnostic mechanism

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