Solar Streetlights Are Being Used More And More

- Jun 20, 2017-

The use of street lights is not more and more people's attention, the first is because of the low power of these street lamps, lighting brightness is very low, so that people can not see the road, so it is easy to form traffic accidents, such street lamps are mostly the same decoration, the scenery is no longer. Now, everyone is looking at the use of Solar street light.
Solar street light sources are usually white, so that the ability to facilitate everyone to see clear, cut unnecessary traffic accidents, to the safety of people travel, Solar street lamp as a field street, is the real display of its practical effect, power generation, high brightness, color good.
Solar Street lamp Power is very high, its solar panels rated power is satisfied with the solar power to reach the power generation power, solar system practice power yuan higher than the rated power, so the practice of Solar street lamp working time is very long, brought brightness is also satisfied with the light, to facilitate the travel and traffic lights.